Today, the whole world is experiencing an exceptional situation with the coronavirus pandemic and all sectors are affected. In order to follow Government instructions and protect the community, some companies have lost business, others stopped operating while some became very high in demand.
This has resulted in demand for certain occupations to meet the current market needs, while there is a shortage of staff. Some people have more time to do some extra work and use their skills to increase their income.
Bahrain Resource Hub is a non-profit community-driven initiative by a group of Bahraini entrepreneurs who saw the need for a platform that helps businesses and human resources of Bahrain alike during this challenging time, in order to support the private sector, the workforce and more importantly, the Kingdom’s economy.
The platform was designed in a way that everyone can either showcase their skills and abilities or offer temporary jobs.


The process is simple.
Whether you are a business looking for human resources or an individual looking for a temporary job, register in the website in the homepage, then you’ll be able to post the job opening or your skills.
Moreover, you’ll be able to search and see what is being offered by individuals and what is requested by any business.
Once you find what you’re looking for, you go ahead and contact the party of interest and take it from there as you both see fit.
We wish you all the best of luck.

1 Register at Bahrain Resource Hub

2 Post your skills and expertise offer a temporary job, or search for what is being offered or requested

3 Contact the party of interest

4 Discuss and agree on how to work together as you both see fit